Baseus Nimble Type-C Portable Cable 23CM – Black

Product number: CATMBJ-01

Barcode: 6953156257375

  • A flat USB / USB-C cable with a length of 23 cm . For loading and transferring data from devices equipped with the above-mentioned ports. Perfect for power banks.
  • Comfortable transport - Small length, low weight and a practical hitch make Baseus Nimble a perfect accessory to take on any journey. No annoying tangling and stuffing of the cord that could damage it.
  • Instant and safe charging - The current of 2A and thick wires inside the cable is a guarantee of fast and safe energy renewal.
  • Aluminum plugs - Elegant and durable. Resistant to abrasion and oxidation . Even after thousands of connections, they will still plug into ports smoothly and reliably.
  • Durable and durable - The cable is made of high quality TPE , extremely flexible and resistant to high temperatures or bending . You don't have to worry about the entire cable being thrown away with an accidental tug.
  • For charging and data transfer - Regardless of whether you want to charge your phone or transfer data , Baseus Nimble will always be up to the task.
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Product Overview

  • With 3A current output for charging efficiently and quickly
  • Only 23cm length and with wire buckle design, it is more convenient for a power bank to charge and connect the notebook to transfer data
  • In addition to charging, it can meet the need for connecting the computer to copy data at any time
  • With bold high-quality wire core, it has strong charging and transfer performance, speeding up charging by 30 percent
  • The interface adopts high-quality TYPE hardware material which is solid and durable after thousands of tests
  • It is reversible that can be plugged in both ways