Baseus mini fan 2000mAh fan White

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Product number: ACFX000002

Barcode: 6932172605384

  • You can take it with you everywhere - the compact size of the fan means that you can easily fit it in your purse or backpack. And wireless operation will allow you to use it no matter where you are
  • You will appreciate the long operating time - the powerful 2000 mAh battery will ensure uninterrupted operation of the fan for 8 hours when fully charged. So you can spend your day actively without worrying that the fan will turn off when you least expect it
  • You can easily adjust the airflow - the intuitive button on the fan handle will allow you to conveniently change the fan speed and thus determine the cooling intensity at a distance of up to 2 m
  • It will not distract you with its work - the design of the head, mechanism, and moving parts of the Baseus fan make it relatively quiet. The noise level at the highest rotational speed does not exceed 56 dB
  • You can use it as a desk fan - a functional and very stable stand is included with the model. Thanks to it, you can freely set the fan in a convenient place, ensuring comfort during hot weather at home or at work
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Product Overview

An efficient portable mini fan by Baseus is an accessory that is worth having with you in hot weather. The model is characterized by compact dimensions, so you can easily fit it in, for example, a purse or a backpack. Thanks to a capacious 2000 mAh battery, it can work continuously for up to 8 hours. Adjustable rotation speed up to 10,000 RPM will provide you with effective cooling from a distance of up to 2 m. It is worth mentioning that the Baseus fan is very quiet during operation. At the highest revolutions, the noise level generated by it does not exceed 56 dB. The model also has a functional, very stable stand. Thanks to it, it can be used as a desk fan.


  • Brand: Baseus

  • Fan type : mobile / desktop

  • Input current : 5V / 1A

  • Power: 3.44 W

  • Power supply: battery

  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh

  • Operation time: up to 8 hours

  • Speed adjustment: Yes

  • Maximum speed: 10,000 RPM

  • Noise level: up to 56 dB

  • Power Jack : USB-C

  • Cable included: Yes

  • Net dimensions : 175 x 52 mm

  • Base diameter: 56 mm

  • Gross dimensions : 197 x 74 x 76 mm

  • Weight: 135 g