BASEUS GF8 Self-storage Water Spray Gun 16.2m Rotating Adjustable Car Washer for Garden, Car Cleaning

Product number: CPGF010113

Barcode: 6932172612726

  • Reeling Storage: Built-in smooth reel inside for easy and quick storage
  • Integrated Protective Case: Protects the water hose from aging and bursting caused by direct sunlight exposure
  • Lightweight Design: Integrated design with a large handle on top, easy to carry around
  • Installation-Free: No installation needed, just plug and play
  • Leak-proof Joint: High-quality leak-proof joint to ensure no water leakage during use
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Product Overview

GF8 Self-storage Water Spray Gun

A hose with a diffuser is intended, among others, for watering lawns, home gardens and cleaning equipment and a car. The hose has a smooth reel for easy and convenient storage. An integrated protective case protects the water hose from aging and breakage due to direct sunlight.

The device has an adjustable jet force, which is carried out by means of a knob. Turning the head clockwise sets the spray mode. 

There are 3 modes:

  • hard stream
  • conical spray
  • shower

The total length of the inlet and outlet hoses are 16.2 m, but the set has an extension that allows you to extend the hose by an additional 2 m. To rewind the hose after the work is finished, just use the knob on the side of the housing and turn it counterclockwise.

High-quality tight connection ensures no water leaks during use. The hollow carved bottom structure was created to avoid water accumulation and product deterioration.

Model: GF8 Self-storage Water Spray Gun 16.2m Dark Gray (Including 15m water outlet hose * 1 + quick connector * 2 + 1.2m water inlet hose * 1 + universal joint * 1 + spray gun * 1 + 2m Extension hose * 1 )
Material: ABS + PP + PVC
Color: Dark gray
Spray modes: 3
Hose length: 1.2m + 15m (+ 2m extension)
Whole product dimension: 315mm * 270mm * 190mm
Weight: 2.8 kg
Product code: CPGF010113
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The most important advantages:
Low weight and ergonomic design of the device ensure comfort of use.
Built-in handle in the case allows for convenient transport.
Different spray modes for different scenery.
Self-emptying when the hose is coiled back inside.
Designed to avoid water accumulation.
Possibility to connect to 3 types of taps: round tap, 15mm / 25mm tap, dishwasher tap.
The set includes: 1x 15 m drain hose, 2x quick coupler, 1x 1.2 m water inlet hose, 1x universal gun joint and plate plates.