EPEIOS HummingBird Electric Cold Brew / Iced Tea Coffee Maker 10 Minutes High Quality Cold Brew 350ml

Product number: CO800AUJP0

Barcode: 6974072392346

With a built-in mechanism that can quickly and efficiently extract coffee powder from coffee powder by repeating pressurization and depressurization.
This extraction method not only shortens the time, but also extracts the ingredients firmly, overcoming the "light taste" peculiar to watering.
Compare to traditional coffee makers, EPEIOS Cold Brew Maker achieves one-stop shop, enabling you to switch freely from smooth coffee to iced tea.
In hot days, this instant cooler delivers fresh and high-quality drinks every morning, performing versatile that covers plenty of beverage: black coffee, flower tea, fruit tea and so forth. Cheer you up from the very beginning of one-day's job!
Cold Brew in 10 Min Anywhere, Anytime- Meet EPEIOS Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker, the latest model of EPEIOS "HummingBird" series, that allows you to enjoy a refreshing and rapid cold brew in 10 minutes anywhere, anytime.

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