• Foldable Baseus C02 Pro Magnetic Car Phone Holder with strong magnetic attachment for iPhone 15. Versatile design for various car placements. Mini magnet precisely compatible with all iPhone series. Foldable design allows for adjustable viewing angles. Features nickel titanium inside for flexibility and durability, accommodating iPhone coils with up to 60mm diameter

Baseus C02 Magnetic Phone Holder Cluster Black

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Product number: SUCC000201

Barcode: 6932172626143

  • Baseus Magnetic Car Mobile Phone iPhone Holder
  • Foldable design with magnetic attachment
  • Available in many places on the car
  • Mini magnet can be accurately matched with all series of iphone
  • Base on iphone coil with diameter up to 60mm, stronger magnetic attachment for phone
  • Foldable Design for Different Viewing Angles
  • Nickel titanium inside, elastic and bendable
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The Baseus C02 Magnetic Phone Holder Car Mount is a strong, stable, and versatile MagSafe car mount that is compatible with all iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series models, as well as all other iPhone and Android models with the included metal ring sticker. It features a bendable memory titanium alloy arm that can be installed on any dashboard, center console, or behind the steering wheel. The mount also rotates 360 degrees so you can position your phone in any angle you want.


STRONG MAGSAFE CAR MOUNT: Specially designed to seamlessly fit for Magsafe iPhone 12,13,14 series, with a tight adsorption and stable magnetic attraction up to 25N. For non-Magsafe iPhone and Android models, a metal ring sticker was included for magnetic attraction

STABLE & SECURE MAGSAFE DASH MOUNT: Non-marking 3M tape with a hook-and-loop fastener on the backing plate offers this mag-safe car mount a secure and steady installation without wobbling, even when driving through bumpy roads

MULTI-SCENARIO APPLICABLE MAGSAFE MOUNT: Memory titanium alloy material makes Baseus Car Mount Magsafe flexible and bendable to fit for different scenarios, you can install it on the dashboard, center control, behind the steering wheel, etc, basically anywhere with a flat surface is fine

360° MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDER FOR CAR: Just snap on your phone with any angle you want, landscape or portrait mode, super-easy operation with just one hand, won’t distract you from driving

ELEGANT DESIGN WITH EASY INSTALLATION: Minimalist design, premium texture with a matte finish, elegant and timeless, goes well with the interior decor like Tesla, and the installation is easy and straightforward